Wando Band in the News

Wando Band places top 15 at National Band Competition, ABC News 4, 11/13/2021

Wando Band advances to Grand Nationals semi-finals, Count on News 2, 11/12/2021

Wando Marching Band steps into history, Moultrie News, 11/09/2021

Marching Band Wins 13th SC State Championship, 11/06/2021

A Brand New Day, Moultrie News, 9/23/2020

Wando Band Rehearsal, Moultrie News, 9/17/2020

Changing the Way they Play, Tribal Tribune, Carroll, 2/25/2020

Finding Her Place in Music, The Tribal Tribune, Delamater, 2/25/2020

Bands of Wando Ends 2019 with National Honors, The Moultrie News, 1/13/20

Wando High School Marching Band Breaks SC Record, The LowCountry Parent, January 2020

2019 Programs of Excellence Division Winners, National Band Association, 10/20/2019

Mount Pleasant’s New High School Poses Challenge for Wando’s Close-Knit Marching Band, The Post & Courier, 11/24/19

Wando High Band Makes History & Breaks Records with 12th State Championship, The Moultrie News, 11/4/19

Charleston High School Music Groups Seize Opportunities, The Post & Courier, 11/7/19

Charleston Area High Schools Compete in Marching Band Festival The Post & Courier, 10/2/2019

Wando Band Wins National Advocacy Awards, The Moultrie News, 1/23/19

Bands of Wando Foundation to Hold 2nd Fundraising Gala on USS Yorktown, The Moultrie News, 12/31/18

Playing to Win: Bands of Wando Nationally Recognized, The Moultrie News, 12/21/2018

Wando Marching Band Finishes 6th at BOA Grand Nationals, ABS News 4, 11/11/18

Wando High School Band Makes History, Counton2, 11/11/18

Wando Band Places 6th in the Nation,, 11/11/18

Wando High School Band Faces Off in National Competition, WCSC, 11/11/18

Wando Bands Marches Triumphantly, The Moultrie News, 11/11/18

Wando Band Marches in National Competition Today, The Hub 11/8/18

Wando Band Prepares for Nationals, The Post & Courier, 11/2/18

Bands of Wando & Starling Chevrolet Gave Away New Car on Nov.3, The Moultrie News, 11/5/18

Wando Band Offers Free Preview Show Before Trip to Nationals, The Post & Courier, 11/2/18

Wando Band Sweeps Georgia Regional Competition, The Moultrie News, 10/29/18

Wando Band Marches through Speaker Malfunction to Clinch Regional Title, The Post & Courier, 10/19/18

Wando Wins Bands of America Regional, (NBC)

Wando Band Wins Bands of America Regional Competition, The Moultrie News, 10/15/18

Wando Band is Awarded First Place, The Tribal Tribune, 10/15/18

HornRank: Wando H.S., SC

LowCountry Marching Band Invitational Graces New District 2 Stadium, The Moultrie News 10/1/18

By a Thread: Expressions of the 2018 Wando High School Marching Band, The Moultrie News 9/24/18

Wando Alum Awarded USC Scholarship, The Moultrie News 5/24/2018

Winterguard Wins State Title, The Moultrie News 4/2/2018

Honor Band, The Moultrie News 12/15/2017

Wando Band Places First in Marching Band Championships For 11th TimeThe Post & Courier 11/5/2017

Wando Band Places 2nd in Bands of America Super Regional ABC News 4

Wando Band Places 2nd at Atlanta Band Super Regional, TheMoultrie News 11/1/2017

Wando Marching Band Community Performance

The Moultrie News 10/18/2017

Wando Band Takes Top Spot in Summerville Competition

The Moultrie News 9/26/17

Local High School Bands to Compete

Summerville News 9/20/17

Wando Band Once Again Takes Top Spot

The Moultrie News 9/25/17

I’m With the Band

Article from The Moultrie News 9/20/17

Moultrie News_Sept20,2017

Behind the Scenes of a 9 Minute Production

Article below from The Moultrie News 8/30/17

Wando Bands Holds School Supply Drive for LowCountry Orphan Relief

The Moultrie News, 8/25/2017

Article below from The Moultrie News 8/9/17 (downloadable p.1, p.2)

Wando Band Gets Surprise Visit From Darius Rucker (Moultrie News, 11/4/16)

Live 5 News Coverage

Wando Sets Sights on National Competition (Post & Courier, Nov. 2016)

Wando Takes 8th at Grand Nationals (Nov.13, 2016, Post & Courier)


In Perfect Harmony: Wando’s Award Winning Bands by Mt.Pleasant Magazine (Oct.2015)


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