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Band Camp Begins this week (02-August)!

Click here to see the 2021-2022 master calendar for Wando Band activities and schedules

The Bands of Wando wish to thank all of our Harmony Sponsors, Volunteers and anyone donating their time, effort or money to the Band!!

If you wish to volunteer for any support positions, please contact

If you are looking to donate or make Harmony payments, see below for the latest information:

Renewing sponsor? It’s easy!
  1. Complete the 2021 Bands of Wando Harmony Business Sponsorship eForm
  2. Make your payment (or down payment if you elected to use our payment plan) by July 23, 2021, using our PayPal account.
New to Harmony? Become a Harmony sponsor today in 3 simple steps!
  1. Review 2021 Harmony Business Sponsorship Information document to see our different sponsorship levels and benefits.
  2. 2021 Bands of Wando Harmony Business Sponsorship eForm
  3. Make your payment/donation online using our PayPal account or mail us a check.
Additional Program Information & Forms:

Attention all Wando Band Parents!!

Looking for a way to have a front row seat at all of our shows this year?
Join our prop crew! Builders, painters, organizers, & helpers welcome!
Email, and Chris will send you all the details!

COVID19:  Changing Status of Band Activities – Please note that all Wando band events are affected by state and local planning and decisions including CCSD and SC High School athletics. Wando band decisions will be made in accordance with these guidelines.  Students and parents will be notified directly as soon as decisions are made.  Official updates will be posted here as well.

Cario and Laing Band Family…  See a note from the Bands of Wando directors, leaders and students here


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