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Dear Band Parents/Students,

The Charms Band Database Management is used for e-mail communications, instrument tracking (rentals), documents and more…. It is important that you keep your information up to date and accurate in order for the band programs to support parents and students. Change of address if you move, if you changed your email provider and email address or prefer to use a personal email account versus business etc.

The easiest way access Charms is to use the Wando Bands website links already set to Charms at Wando Bands in the right sidebar. You would then just enter your Student Area Password.

Important Information to access Charms, Student and Parent Information Profiles:

If you go to the general Charms Office website at

  1. Click Enter/Login
  2. Under Parents/Students/Members, enter “WandoHSBand
  3. Enter your Student Area Password and click Enter

Please contact if you have any problems logging in or if you did not receive a password. Please email your Student’s Full Name and Wando HS Student ID number.  The password can be reset and email can be sent to you with a default password. Once you login, you can change the password and update your profiles. The Student and Parents would all use the Student ID and Password to access your account.

Please log in as soon as possible and update your contact information (Update Info icon) before the end of band camp. We will be providing a directory later this month, so we want to make sure the contact information we are using is as current as possible. You can log in anytime throughout the year to update your information.

Note that the student screen is for student contact information only, including the email address and cell phone number. Add parent addresses and phone numbers on the appropriate parent screen. If you provide your cell phone carrier, you will receive text messages from the band (useful when the band is traveling.)

While logged in, check out the calendar, handouts and files, and forms collected areas. The directors will be using Charms to provide important information to students and parents throughout the year, so be sure to check back often. There are even free Charms mobile apps for iDevices and Android devices so you can take the band with you wherever you go!

Charms Benefits and Features

CharmsOffice allows the band directors and booster club to manage student and parent information, events, a central calendar, forms, documents, volunteers and much more. Parents and students will have access to important band information including contact information, sheet music, band forms, the calendar and volunteer sign ups. Here are the icons you will see on the Parent/Student page. Questions? Contact


Look for volunteer events to be added in the future.

Email Staff

Quick email links to the band directors and booster board.

Handouts and Files

View and download required forms, music and other documents.


Quick link to the band website.


View uniform items that have been checked out to the student.

Update Info

Parents and students should update contact information here.

Change Password

Change your password as soon as you log in the first time.


Check here for past band emails and other messages.

Mobile Apps (Free!)

Carry the band with you wherever you go! The Charms App for parents and students is now available at the Google Play Store for Android devices and the iStore for iDevices.

Charms Recording Studio (included with your mobile app download)

Yes, you can now record yourself with your iDevice or Android device, and even play along with accompaniments, and upload the file for review — just like using a standard PC/Mac at home or school! The Charms Recording Studio is the ONLY online studio that merges your recording with an accompaniment track. Cool, eh?


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