Uniform Ordering

2018-19 Uniform Information

Please view the 2018-19 Uniform Information Sheet for details on Summer, Marching, and Concert/Formal uniforms.

2018-19 Uniform Information Sheet

Concert/Formal Uniform

Everyone MUST have a Tuxedo or Concert Dress for concert season.

Sizing, payments, and Ordering is performed at the beginning of the school year, which is the only time available to do this to have them in enough time.

There is no order form for dresses.

The Uniform Team will fit for concert dresses and make one order. Please access link below to purchase a new concert dress. NOTE: Moultrie Concert dress is the same as Wando concert dress.

Boys Tuxedos

Tuxedo Order Form: 2018 Concert Band Tuxedo Order Form

Online Payment for Tuxedo:

Girls Dresses

Online Payment for Dresses:

Please contact the Uniform Team with any questions at Uniforms@WandoBands.org.

2018 Drillmasters (marching shoes)

Online Payment: https://wandobands.wufoo.com/forms/zvpp89b02zxgly/

Colorguard Uniform

Uniform Ordering Information

2019 Wando Color Guard Uniform Items

Color Guard Performance Uniform

Color Guard Performance Uniforms are handled separately through the color guard sponsors and volunteers, similar to the Band Marching uniforms. Members who are also in band need to be sure to have the concert dress  fitted and  ordered on the same schedule as other band members.

Summer Uniform

This is the uniform for early-season performances. It consists of the following pieces:

  • – Show shirt (provided during band camp; extra shirts available for purchase)
  • – Khaki shorts
  • – Black belt
  • – White ankle socks (must be visible at least a couple of inches above the shoe)
  • – White tennis shoes (must be at least 90% white)-any brand/style (no neon colors)

2018 Summer Uniform Shorts:

Online ordering is not longer available. Please go to Stagecoach to purchase the khakis. They are located at 1968 Rivera Drive, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464. Phone (843) 884-7913.
https://whskhakis.itemorder.com/sale (no longer available)

Marching Uniform (Old pictures until new uniform delivered)

This is the uniform for marching competitions and late-season football games.

Students are responsible for purchasing their own Drillmasters (shoes) and gloves, but other pieces of the uniform are provided.

This uniform is considerably more complicated than the summer uniform, so we have created the following guidelines:

  1. Each band member will have his or her own unique number. The uniform will be kept at school at all times. It is the student’s responsibility to see that everything is in the garment bag after each use.  Band members will be charged for any lost parts at the end of the season.
  2. All Wando Band members should carry a bag for personal items and clothing. All personal items and clothing MUST be in the bag before exiting the changing bus or dressing room. No shoes, socks, gloves or personal clothing may be kept in the uniform bag.
  3. All members should shower prior to wearing the band uniform on the day of competition or performance.
  4. Hair: All male and female band members are responsible for their own hair and accessories. Students should firmly tie back or pin hair up before putting on uniform jackets so that hair does not extend beyond the shako in the front and on the sides. Students should bring their own hair ties, do-rags and bobby pins, if needed. Practice putting up hair at home or prior to the stated dressing time.  There is not time to address hair issues once we begin dressing.
  5. Students should drink only water while in uniform.  If permission is given to eat, do so while wearing only bibbers.  If your uniform does become soiled, please inform uniform team so that it can be properly cleaned right away.
  6. All students will be measured for Drillmasters (shoes) during rehearsals before band camp begins. Students must pay for Drillmasters in full before they will be ordered. MAKE SURE YOUR SHOES FIT AND PUT YOUR NAME IN YOUR SHOES AS SOON AS YOU GET THEM! Each year band members “lose” shoes because they are not labeled. Just do it.
  7. Brush Drillmasters (shoes) at home to remove all loose debris. Wipe clean with warm soapy water and clean rag. Check them after they are dry for cleanliness. Student name should be clearly written inside of the shoe.
  8. Tie Drillmasters correctly. There are two holes at the top of the shoe next to each other. Loop the lace on one side through both holes then put the opposite lace under the loop.  Pull tightly, double knot if the lace is long and tuck the loose strings into the shoe.  You MUST tie your shoes! Do NOT just tuck the laces.
  9. Under your uniform, you will need to wear compression shorts (you provide) & compression shirt (order through band).
  10. Band members will be reminded before each event whether they need to wear summer uniform or bring marching uniform accessories or both.  IF THE BAND MEMBER DOES NOT HAVE SOCKS, GLOVES, BELT OR WHATEVER IS REQUIRED, ARRANGEMENTS MUST BE MADE BY THE STUDENT TO HAVE THEM DELIVERED TO SCHOOL IMMEDIATELY SO THAT THERE WILL BE NO DELAYS IN OUR DEPARTURE.



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