Marching Band

Welcome to the 2015-2016 edition of Wando Bands. Following is some brief, but very important information to help you get started.

Calendar and Band Events Listing

Check out our 2016-17 Wando Band Handbook for our complete schedule.  Rookie camp starts Monday, July 28th! Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and wear sunscreen. Note: Students will be responsible for their own filled water bottle, sunscreen, and insect repellent.

Band Forms

It’s time to fill out the band and CCSD forms for the current school year. You can print out these required forms from the Forms page on the band website. Forms are due by the end of band camp. Drop your completed forms off in the designated spot inside the band room. If you are unable to print the forms, please check the band room for copies.

Extracurricular and After Hours School Sponsored Events and Trips Consent for Medical Treatment Form

The Extracurricular Consent form (2 pages) Must be signed by the parent in two places and a date entered for the last tetanus shot. These are easily overlooked on the form. You will need to have the form notarized in advance.

Recurring Field Trip Form

This form is required of all students traveling with the band.

Band Handbook Signature Page Form

A copy of the 2014-2015 band handbook will be provided to all 9th grade band families in the coming weeks. An electronic version will also be posted on the band website forms page. Fill out the Band Handbook Signature Page form and submit it after you have reviewed the handbook.

Medical Forms

Additional medical forms are also required if your child is taking any medications that must be administered by our medical volunteers or if he or she self-medicates. Please refer to the form page on the band website for more information.


What is CharmsOffice? It’s a software program designed for music programs just like ours that includes features such as a calendar, volunteer sign ups, email, text messaging and much more.  We can track your forms, uniforms, and instrument rentals. You will also be able to update your own contact information.
We’ll be launching the Parent/Student side of Charms over the next two weeks by providing you with your own password to access the private area. In the meantime, check out the public side of Charms for Wando Bands.

Drum Majors –

Erin Slowey

Hannah Hankins

Jaryn Valdry

Morgan Monty


AJ Johnston

Joey Mondello

Alex Bailey

Julie Wakser

Alyssa Bowman

Kofi Mosley-Kellum

Alyssa Whitmore

Marianna Murray

Amie Franklin

Melanie Clark

Brooke Sevennigsen

Michael Swarz

Burke Mounts

Olivia Monty

Caitlyn Van de Muelebroeke

Owen Donahue

Erin Cullen

Rachel Cameron

Hunter Kane

Samantha Connell

Jacob Robak

Sarah Grace Hoover

Jake Baldwin

Sean Grady

Jared Imholz

Shayne Erickson

Will Basco

Pre-Rookie Camp


This is NOT a band requirement. However, start early if memorization is a challenge.


The directors will tell you and the students to “Get them out in the sun and heat before band camp starts and do some exercise”. BELIEVE THEM!

There is some physical activity during camp ~ running, sit ups and pushups every day of band camp.
Cleaning the garage and yard work are great tasks for the non-athletic types.


Most kids stay up late during the summer. A couple of weeks before camp, start going to bed a little bit

Rookie & Marching Band Camp


  • Bring instrument, music, and other necessary supplies.
  • Comfortable athletic shoes & sock. Light colored, comfortable clothing.
  • Wide brimmed hat and sunglasses.
  • Bring and use sunscreen and bug spray. It is critical.
  • Get sport towels that can keep you cool (it’s really helpful).
  • A cinch sack to carry your “stuff” to the band field.


  • The start time (or call time) is not drop off time. Drop them off at least 15 minutes early.
  • End time, means that’s when band stops practicing. The kids may not be ready to leave Wando until 15-20 minutes after.


  • Though rare, the schedule can change, weather can alter practice, your child’s section may go to “Moes” for lunch during a Mini Camp, etc.
  • It helps to get into the habit of checking for text messages (don’t text and drive please). If your student doesn’t look at their text messages often, this is a great time to get in the habit. They will also need to do this for their classes.


  • Staying hydrated during camp is very important. Make sure your student drinks water and/or “Gatorade” (for  electrolytes) at the end of the day and first thing in the morning before leaving for camp. Also, try to limit if not avoid dairy during camp.
  • Limit or avoid dairy during camp.
  • Bring water bottle, filled each day.



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