Band Forms

Required Forms

Recurring Field Trip – This form gives the student permission to go on “recurring field trips” such as football games and competitions.

Emergency-CardEmergency-Card-2 – These CCSD forms (AKA Green Card 2 pages) must be completed and on file with the school nurse. This form gives permission for the band’s medical staff to provide necessary treatment, should the need arise. Specific medical forms are required to allow self-medication by students (see below). These forms are due July 29th. 

Handbook Signature page – This form, to be signed by both the student and a parent, acknowledges that you have read the
2016-2017 Band Handbook and that you understand its contents.

New Students

Contact Information Sheet (New Families) – This form gives us contact information (address, email, phone) for students and parents/guardians, as well as other band-related information (such as instrument serial number).

Medical Forms

CCSD General Information – This form provides general information about medications and medical procedures.

Parent Information for After Hours/Overnight Field Trips – Please read and sign/return. If you have any questions please feel free to call the Wando Clinic at 881-8250.

Doctor’s Orders – This form is required for any medications (over the counter or prescription) that will be administered by band medical volunteers. (A separate form is required for self-medication.) This form is signed by the prescriber.

Self-Medication Forms. CCSD policy does not allow students to self-administer medications in the school environment (which includes band trips) without completion of all three of the following self-medication forms, which must be on file with the band directors, even if on file with the school nurse.

General Self-Medication – This form, the first of three, allows the student to self-monitor and self-medicate using specific medications noted on the form; the form is signed by the medical prescriber.

Self-Medication Parent Agreement – This form, the second of three, allows the student to self-monitor and self-medicate using specific medications noted on the form; the form is signed by the parent.

Self-Medication Student Agreement – This form, the third of three, allows the student to self-monitor and self-medicate using specific medications noted on the form; the form is signed by the parent and the student.

The following forms address specific medical issues; each form must be signed by the prescriber.

Doctor’s Orders, Diabetes

Self-Medicate, Insulin

Self-Medicate, Insulin Pump

Self-Medicate, Asthma

Travel Forms and Travel Information

Alternate Transportation – This form allows parents to pick up their students at the end of an event, so the students don’t need to ride the bus back to school. Parents need to file a separate form for each event from which they will pick up their students early, and they must make face-to-face contact with a director or chaperone before leaving with their students. Students can be released only to parents — they cannot be released to family friends or to other students. This form should be turned in before the departure from the school for the event and can be dropped off in the Band Office.

Chaperone Form – This form is for anyone who is a chaperone for a field trip: an away football game, a marching competition, or any other band-related trip.

General Forms

2016 After School Permission Form – This form is used for any band student that wishes to stay after school from school ending and practice starting.

2016 Absence Request Form – This form should be completed and turned in a week in advance of anticipated (i.e., non-emergency) absences. (This is page 46 of the band handbook.)

Time and Talent Survey – This online form allows parents to share their talents and interests with the Band Booster Board. Each parent should complete this form at the beginning of each academic year.

Reimbursement / Check Request – This form requests reimbursement for purchases made with prior approval for the Band Boosters Board.



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