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Continue your involvement in the music legacy and show your ongoing support. Bands of Wando Encore Alumni is defined as a prior Student, Parent, Family Member or Friend  who has been involved with Bands of Wando and wishes to continue supporting the Wando Band programs.

Celebrate the legacy to which you contributed and continue to build successes in music and in the lives of the youth following after you. We encourage you to remain a part of the Wando Band Program. Let us know where you are and that you too feel the continued connection.


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Once you sign up with the Bands of Wando Encore.

  • You will receive a payment confirmation email from PayPal
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  • Once your profile is added, the Bands of Wando Administrator will be notified, confirm and activate your account
  • You will receive a final confirmation email with links to Login on the website and to Join the Bands of Wando Encore Alumni Association Facebook Group



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