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2018 Information and updated links will be provided soon!!!!

Here are important dates for our 2018 Campaign:

  • Harmony Renewal Kick-off – Sales Begin                                      May 25th
  • Harmony New Sponsor Kick-off – Sales Begin                             June 1st
  • Renewal Payments Due by                                                                    July 10th
  • All Payments Due by                                                                                July 31st
  • Artwork for Digital Stadium Signs due ASAP – Deadline is    August 7th


2017 Information Below:

Harmony is the band’s fundraising program which engages local businesses to support The Bands of Wando. It offers every student the opportunity to earn his/her “Fair Share” of band expenses by securing business sponsorships. By becoming a Wando Band sponsor, a business gains a unique opportunity for local recognition and direct marketing access to a network of over 2,500 band friends, family members, alumni and the thousands of fans who attend Wando home games for football, lacrosse, and soccer.

We have TWO different sponsorship options:

  • Harmony Business Sponsorship Program (i.e., stadium signs and additional benefits)
  • LowCountry Marching Invitational (LCI) Event Ad Sponsorship Program

Each sponsorship opportunity has various contribution levels and benefits. The higher the contribution level, the greater the community exposure and advertising — and the more you earn towards Fair Share. In addition, each contribution is tax deductible.

Step 1

BEFORE YOU GET STARTED (Review all the documents before you contact a sponsor):

Step 2

SALES MATERIAL LIBRARY (Use this information to help you sell a sponsorship):

Step 3

SPONSOR SIGN-UP & TRACKING INFORMATION  – Tracks all contacted sponsors and their payment status.

You must check the Online Sponsor Tracking Database List before contacting a business to see if the business has been contacted OR if the business is marked as “Hands-Off”

  • Online Sponsor Tracking Database List – 2018  – This online list contains information pertaining to the contacted businesses (For example: Business Name, New or Renewing Sponsor, Ownership (Student or Band Owned), “Hands-Off” status, and Payment Status).  CHECK this list before you contact a business.
  • Hands-off Businesses – 2018  – These are current sponsors that either belong to a student or are band-owned. DO NOT contact any of these existing sponsors unless you are the hosting family.

Step 4


Once a business is contacted, enter a contact record in the Online Sponsor Tracking Database List (for New AND Renewing Sponsors)

  • Contacted Sponsor e-Form (online form)  – Fill out this online form as soon as you make contact and present the sponsorship program to a new or renewing business. You MUST input all of the business and person contacted information correctly to secure sponsor ownership. Please allow up to 5 minutes for the Online Sponsor Tracking Database List to update with your new entry. Credit will not be applied to a student until this form is completed. Refer to the program rules and FAQs for complete details.
  • Harmony Sponsorship Form – Complete this form when you secure the sponsorship. Drop the payment and form off into the band room safe or mail it to the booster P.O. box (address is on the form.)

Have a question? Send it via email to harmony@wandobands.org .


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