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2018-19 Uniform Information

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2017-18 Uniform Information

2017 Uniform Information Sheet (click to open)

Summer Uniform

This is the uniform for early-season performances. It consists of the following pieces:

  • Show shirt (provided during band camp; extra shirts available for purchase)
  • Khaki shorts
  • Black belt
  • White Marching Gloves (purchased through the band leadership)
  • White socks (must be visible at least a couple of inches above the shoe)
  • White tennis shoes (must be at least 75% white)

Marching Uniform (Old pictures until new uniform delivered)

This is the uniform for marching competitions and late-season football games. Students are responsible for purchasing their own Drillmasters (shoes) and gloves, but other pieces of the uniform are provided. This uniform is considerably more complicated than the summer uniform, so we have created the following guidelines:

  1. Each band member will have his or her own unique number. The uniform will be kept at school at all times. It is the student’s responsibility to see that everything is in the garment bag after each use.  Band members will be charged for any lost parts at the end of the season.
  2. All Wando Band members must carry a bag for personal items and clothing. All personal items and clothing MUST be in the bag before exiting the changing bus or dressing room. No shoes, socks, gloves or personal clothing may be kept in the uniform bag.
  3. All members MUST shower prior to wearing the band uniform on the day of competition or performance.
  4. Hair: All male and female band members are responsible for their own hair and accessories. Students should firmly tie back or pin hair up before putting on uniform jackets so that hair does not extend beyond the shako in the front and on the sides. Students should bring their own hair ties, do-rags and bobby pins, if needed. Practice putting up hair at home or prior to the stated dressing time.  There is not time to address hair issues once we begin dressing.
  5. Students should drink only water while in uniform.  If permission is given to eat, do so while wearing only bibbers.  If your uniform does become soiled, please inform uniform team so that it can be properly cleaned right away.
  6. All students will be measured for Drillmasters (shoes) during rehearsals before band camp begins. Students must pay for Drillmasters in full before they will be ordered. MAKE SURE YOUR SHOES FIT AND PUT YOUR NAME IN YOUR SHOES AS SOON AS YOU GET THEM! Each year band members “lose” shoes because they are not labeled. Just do it.
  7. Brush Drillmasters (shoes) at home to remove all loose debris. Wipe clean with warm soapy water and clean rag. Check them after they are dry for cleanliness. Student name should be clearly written inside of the shoe.
  8. Tie Drillmasters correctly. There are two holes at the top of the shoe next to each other. Loop the lace on one side through both holes then put the opposite lace under the loop.  Pull tightly, double knot if the lace is long and tuck the loose strings into the shoe.  You MUST tie your shoes! Do NOT just tuck the laces.
  9. Socks.   Put your socks on first! All students should wear long dark black (not faded) trouser socks that come up over the calf so that there is no chance that they will slide down.  Keep socks with your drillmasters.  Do not carry them separately. Always carry an extra pair of socks.  If you do lose your socks – do NOT wear a different color!  See a uniform volunteer immediately.
  10. Under the Uniform.  ALL members should wear black colored spandex (not cotton) shorts (biker or volleyball type) or leggings and a lightweight short sleeve black shirt. Girls may wear a tank.  Many students prefer the moisture wicking shirt – (Underarmor, Champion, etc.)  Do not wear thick or long shirts that will show through fitted bibbers.  No street clothes, Soffees, or other shorts or pants permitted. These change the fit and especially the hem!
  11. Bibbers. Do not try to put your bibbers on with shoes on your feet! Black bibbers have been hemmed with snaps at the recommended length.  Be careful when putting them on so that your foot does not pull out the snaps!  If they do come unsnapped, stop and fix them from the inside before continuing. Use the pressed-in crease as a guide or ask for help. Make sure your shoulder straps are lying flat against your shoulder. When returning bibbers to the hanger, make sure that they are folded on the crease with seams matching and pulled over the hanger evenly and flat under the jacket.
  12. Jackets should be put on with the zipper pulled all the way up beyond the collar in the back after hair is completely pulled up and away from face and neck. Make sure that the shoulder pads are not folded to one side but are opened on either side of the shoulder before zipping.
  13. If jackets are not being worn, they can be folded with the sleeves tucked in and carefully placed inside shako.
  14. Shako (hat) can be adjusted by carefully tightening or loosening the string inside and by adjusting the chinstrap.  Chinstraps must be worn under the chin and all snaps should be used.  Make sure that the chinstrap is flush against your cheek, not worn loosely. Hair must be pulled up or back completely away from face so that hair does not extend below brim or sides of the shako.  Shakos should be returned to the hatbox upside down.  Never store gloves, socks or gauntlets or cell phones in the hatbox.
  15. Gauntlets should be worn with the Velcro side facing away from your body and over the jacket sleeves.  Gauntlets should be returned to the uniform bag zipper pocket open and Velcroed to the other.  Only gauntlets may be stored in this pocket.  Never store socks or gloves in this pocket.
  16. Gloves are $3.00 per pair and we recommend having 2-3 pairs. Fingertips may be cut at the band directors’ discretion and only for certain instruments. Gloves should dry flat. White ponytail holders are sometimes used to hold gloves in place. Mrs. Radecke will sell gloves after initial glove sale.
  17. If you lose gauntlets or some other accessory, please tell us right away so we can start looking for them — they usually show up in someone else’s garment bag.  Remember, each item is identified by a specific numeral.  If you have someone else’s, we will know immediately. The uniform team will take care of cleaning uniforms periodically. Normal wear and tear is expected, but if uniform parts are damaged through abuse or neglect or if any of the items are lost and do not turn up, the band member’s account will be charged the replacement cost.
  18. Each student is responsible for hanging his/her own uniform back on the hanger properly. Each band member is expected to turn in his or her own uniform personally. Band members are not allowed to turn in any uniform but their own.  Return it to the Uniform Team responsible for their assigned rack.  Each garment will be checked to be sure it is hung properly and all pieces of the uniform have been returned. If the uniform is returned to the rack improperly, the student will be directed to the section leader to learn how to hang the uniform up properly. When returning jacket to bag, be sure that it is hung on the hanger over the bibbers and that the shoulder pads are placed over the hanger properly with the zipper on the back side of the hanger and the front of the collar on the side of the hanger where the number is. Parents or family members should allow for extra time for students to check in their uniform after games, events and competitions.
  19. Band members will be reminded before each event whether they need to wear summer uniform or bring marching uniform accessories or both.  IF THE BAND MEMBER DOES NOT HAVE SOCKS, GLOVES, BELT OR WHATEVER IS REQUIRED, ARRANGEMENTS MUST BE MADE BY THE STUDENT TO HAVE THEM DELIVERED TO SCHOOL IMMEDIATELY SO THAT THERE WILL BE NO DELAYS IN OUR DEPARTURE.

Color Guard Uniform

Color Guard Performance Uniforms are handled separately through the color guard sponsors and volunteers, similar to the Band Marching uniforms.  Other components of the uniform and additional Guard clothing can be ordered at this link: Uniform Ordering. members who are also in band need to be sure to have the concert dress  fitted and  ordered on the same schedule as other band members.

Concert Uniform

EVERYONE MUST HAVE A TUXEDO OR CONCERT DRESS for concert season. This is the only time available to do this, so we can have them ordered and delivered in enough time.

Boys Tuxedos:

Band Tuxedo Order Form 2015

Please make check payable to Wando Band Boosters.

Someone from the uniform team will be in the band hallway during summer rehearsals, after school and before rehearsal to get sizes, order forms and payment from the students . Dates & times will be sent via email & posted on the Bands of Wando Parent Facebook page.

Girls Dresses

There is no order form for dresses – the Uniform Team will fit for concert dresses and make one order. Please send your check for a new concert dress made out to Wando Band Boosters in an envelope marked Concert Dress. NOTE: Moultrie Concert dress is the same as Wando concert dress.

Please make check payable to Wando Band Boosters.

Questions? Contact the uniform team at


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