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Where Are They Now?

 Kelsey Gnade (2012) and Vincent Coulthard (2011) are living in Charleston with two cats. Kelsey is working at MUSC in the addiction sciences unit, and Vince is working as a Graphic artist & patent illustrator.  Wando bands has a close place in their hearts because it was where they reconnected. They are getting married in March 2018! Wando band brought them many friends, memories, and a drive for success that has helped in their personal and professional lives! They are honored to have been apart of such a great program that continues to still grow!

Rachel Hundley (1997-01, Clarinet)

I currently live in Sonoma, California and serve as the Mayor of the City of Sonoma. I am also the owner of Drums & Crumbs, fried chicken food truck in San Francisco. On the side, I work as a litigation attorney.

Being in band at Wando introduced me to many of my longest friendships that I still have today. I learned how to be a part of a team, and the leadership opportunities I had in band helped make me the leader I am today, both as mayor and as a business owner. I learned that hard work and practice can result in great accomplishments!

Anthony Caristi (class of 2014)

I’m living in Daytona Beach, Florida, and going to school for Marine mechanics  (“boat mechanics”). To me, the Wando Band experience meant traveling with people that were always by your side. Even though I’d get mad at some of the instructors and leave rehearsals sometimes, I look back on it now I realize they were just trying to help me. After leaving band, I learned to love music more and now regret not putting 110% into band. Looking back, I wish I had focused more on me and my performance and not what or which party I was going to after a Friday night football game. I’d go back if I could. I can’t repeat the past though, and I learned from my mistakes. Now I’m an honor roll student at school and more focused than I ever was back in high school.


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